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Handling your Credit the
Right Way

Reneka Toler was introduced to the credit industry about 5 years ago, after repairing her own credit. She worked effortlessly to build her score from a 520 to a 750. Understanding the significance of excellent credit, she was able to maximize the benefits to the fullest potential. Soon after, she became curious on how she could share this knowledge with others. What was once a dream to her is now a goal for her. Her goal is to break generational curses and help others achieve financial freedom. She inspires to not making a living but a difference.

Reneka has the capability to bring her unique experience and understanding to each individual client. She is truly passionate about helping other exceed their financial goals.

She provides encouragement and motivation to every client while trying to meet their goal of purchasing a new home, a new car, getting a credit card or establishing credit. She makes sure that her clients are educated and able to maintain their healthy financial status.

Our top priority is to make you credit worthy again. At Right Way Financials, we promise to erase bad debt and restore your lifestyle. We understand completely what it’s like to have less than average credit.


Therefore, we strive toward an aggressive approach to help you achieve results in the most effective, efficient way possible.

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